Rules for Illness and Disease Control

School Rules Regarding Common Medical Condition

  • Chickenpox: Readmit after the lesions become dry and if lesions are not vesicular (raised, fluid filled), until 24 hours have passed with no new lesions occurring.
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Readmit after receiving physician permission to return or until symptom free.
  • Fever: A student must stay home if his/her temperature is 100.0 F or higher. They may return to school when they have been free of fever (without Tylenol or Motrin/Advil) for at least 24 hours.
  • Head Lice: Students found to have evidence of live lice infestation will be immediately excluded from school. School clinic personnel will check students excluded for live lice upon return to school to determine effective treatment, and again one week later (based on the life cycle of the head louse). Students found to have nits within ¼ inch of the scalp but no live lice will be monitored.
  • Impetigo&/or Ringworm of the scalp: The nurse needs proof that treatment has been started or a Dr.’s note states that the lesion is not contagious.
  • Ringworm of the Skin: The student is allowed to remain in school if the lesions are covered. Treatment is recommended.
  • Strep-throat or Scarlet Fever: The student may return to school after they have been on antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and they are not running a fever.



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