Lunch Information

Every student has an assigned lunch time each day. If your child is bringing his/her lunch from home, please send it with your child when he/she arrives at school. Lunches that are dropped off are placed on a table at the entrance of the cafeteria for students to pick up when they arrive at lunch. Please let your child know that you will be dropping off the lunch so they know to look for it.

Please make sure you have money in your child's account if they are purchasing breakfast or lunch at school.

Elementary lunch prices are as follows: $1.00 for breakfast and $2.05 for lunch. ($ .30 reduced breakfast/ $ .40 reduced lunch)

School menus are sent home monthly with students, and can be accessed using the links below.

Please note that there are multiple "extras" in the line that students have the option of purchasing in addition to their lunch. Some examples include: Dippin'Dots ($3.00), cookie (.30), ice cream on a stick (.75), bottled water (.75), frozen slush pack (.80), ice cream sandwich or cup ($1.25), rice krispy treat ($1.00), etc.  Not all items are available each day. However, these items, in addition to lunch/breakfast charges, can add up quickly. Please talk with your children about what they have permission to purchase. Staff members are not allowed to tell students they may not purchase an item if they have the money for the item. You can log on to PayPams ( and set up an account so you can view your child's purchases. You may place a "block" on your child's account to prevent them from purchasing "extra items" with their pre-paid money. Students that have cash can always purchase items so many parents "block" the accounts and then send money for the treat when a child has earned it. If you would prefer to block your child's lunch account, please send a written note with your child's name and your signature. The account would remain blocked until you unblock it.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to join their students for lunch. When visiting for lunch, we will use the same sign-in procedures noted for visitors. Please eat with only your child and please sit at the designated guest table. **Important** ONLY parents/guardians listed on the yellow enrollment card have access to students during the school day (including the lunch period) without written permission from the parent or guardian! If someone other than the parent/guardian that enrolled the child will be coming to have lunch with your child, written permission from the parent/guardian is required ahead of time!

Lunch Schedule Schedule 2017.png